Our Testimonials


HI-Q has detailed multiple projects in Florida for us and they are very easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable, able to meet or beat deadlines and very clear in their communications. I expect HI-Q to detail many more projects for us in the future


HI-Q impressed from the very start and has delivered quality drawings consistently since then. One great quality of HI-Q as a company is their ability to adjust and react to the needs of the client. The quality, professionalism and workmanship shown by HI-Q and its management team has been outstanding and we have been extremely happy with the product we get from them.

Scott Goebel

HI-Q provides high quality, clear shop and field drawings of even the most challenging and intricate steel projects. The multiple different teams I’ve worked with have been easy to reach, very professional and courteous, and extremely responsive. We discuss projects weekly; the PM’s have known every aspect of each project down to the beveled washers! A breath of fresh air working with HI-Q.


Hi-Q was very receptive to our requirements and comments. They made every effort to accommodate our specific requirements that change from customer to customer. Their efforts and quality have secured our relationship going forward.


Hi-Q Design and Detailing has been an outstanding partner. They seem to work 24 hours, 7 days a week on our projects. They have never missed a deadline that we provided to them and work diligently to meet the tough deadlines of our customers. The local engineers and architects have all told us how easy it is to review our RFIs and submitted drawings. Besides providing us on time detailing, they are also able to provide a local engineered stamp for all projects that require design calculations.

Paolo Banti

It was a pleasure to work with you, I hope I can do it again in the future.
Your team has always stood up to our requests. After an initial short training period, you have always respected deliveries and the quality of your product has always been in line with our requests. I really appreciated your willingness and your team’s ability to tackle complicated and time-limited jobs.

Paolo Banti

E’ stato un piacere collaborare con voi, spero di poterlo fare ancora nel futuro. Il tuo team si è sempre dimosrato all’altezza delle nostre richieste. Dopo un iniziale breve periodo di training, avete sempre rispettato le consegne e la qualità del vostro prodotto è sempre stata in linea con le nostre richieste. Ho apprezzato molto la vostra disponibilità e le capacità del vostro team di affrontare lavori complicati e con poco tempo a disposizione.